What’s the real purpose of this web site?

The real purpose of this web its to practice and show all my skills as web designer. This web site its made by html5 and css3 mainly, and also use a bit of jQuery.
The web is about a vegetarian sushi restaurant, where I´ve tried to create a real restaurant with its own philosophy, menu and tutorial of how to make sushi. All this knowledge I got during my years as sushi chef, that now taking the opportunity of putting together in a web site.
Besides the menu and all content its just an excersice of not just web design, but also illustration, graphic design and UI.

All this content is as its called in Spanish: 'trucho'. That as the begining of the word means Something Which simulates or imitates reality deliberately, but lately the term trucho was more use to refer to any project made by a creative which the only aim its to show their skills as it would be a real project with its own brief and final launch.

But regardless of the design of the site and all its content, you can still enjoy and do usability of all this content as I reserch and use all of my knowledge as sushi chef and sushi teacher to put together and create a guide of vegetarian sushi and all its properties as a nutritional food.

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