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Which is the history of sushi, and how is now

Why eat veggie sushi

Sushi history

The definition of sushi is "vinegared rice with a filling or topping of fish, shellfish, vegetables or egg".
Its eaten as a snack, finger food, could be as a starter or main course.
Sushi appear in his early form as a way to preserving fish but not its most popular food in Japan. No anyone know when was invented, but at begining the fish fermented with rice and they preserved for long time, this become an important part of their diet, eating the fermented rice with the fish. As increased the production of rice led to the wider use of other rice products such as rice vinegar.
Then instead of letting rice ferment naturally and produce lactic acid, rice vinegar was added to it, which reduced the time it took to prepare sushi from days to hours.

But later on in the early 1800s a japanese chef set up the firs sushi stall, inventing the nigiri sushi, or aswell called hand-formed suhshi, creating so a take away or fast food enabling people eat this squeezed balls of rice with fish in topping by hand and in the street easily. This resulted in other types of sushi as rolled sushi called maki.

Today is one of the most healthies food, and getting popularity.

Veggie sushi

To everyone that think that sushi is just raw fish, is completely wrong a sheet of nori, rice, savory tofu and vegetables makes a really nice and tasty combiation for an stunning sushi dishes.
As the proper name of sushi, means vinegared rice with toppings. So why not throw some of our raw or cooked veggies and roll them all with a layer of rice and seaweed.

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