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Unfortunatly, we dont have any vacancy available at the moment, as it´s not a real restaurant. Sorry if the idea of working here sound tempting and luscious, as we are really cool!.

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Multidisciplinary designer, with a background in Industrial Design and master of Product Desgin. But my interest about all related with design led me to develope and learn many other skills within other field of design as illustration, graphic and web.
Now I´m more focus on graphic/web design, where I feel really passionated about and getting great success in my current projects, taking care mainly of the visual aspect and user interactions and specializing in responsive webs.
All my curiosity didn´t finish there, also took me to practice illustration and enroll in a illustration course that which I´ve finished in December 2013.
Currently working for Volt Bikes & Electric Bikes Store where I maintain both websites of the company and redesigning from small bits to the entire website

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